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Waste in the City – Week 13

5 Nov


Week 13 is the last entry for our weekly bolgs. And for this week’s class each of the group is presenting the final ideas as well as revised visual maps, it was really interesting to know what’s other groups’ concept. Next week is the final week which is also the week we need to present our final template and the project model. I think my group is doing a really great job that we already done the most of the works in this week, since we were working quite hard in the last couple of weeks, therefore, I think we have sufficient time to prepare our final presentation.


Next week is also the National Recycling Week (founded by Planet Ark in 1996), So in Sydney it will have a series of activities from 8~14 November, which the aim is to bring out the national focus to recycling subjects and further push the idea into the local areas. One of the biggest events in the next week is the “Big Aussie Swap”, this event will be spreads out to different local areas in different dates. So I already feel really excited to join this event. I think the swap party will be really fun whist people get “new” things but they are also saving the environment, which help those resources out of the landfill and have a second life.

Aussie Swap Party 2010 advertising on youtube: <;.



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the revised visual map +template for week 13’s presentaiton

1 Nov