Waste in the City – week 12

29 Oct

In week 12, finally my group finished all the painting work for the polystyrene boxes and now we need to come up with different arrangements for the bookshelf which provide as some options for other groups in class to decide which display style is more suitable as the final display bookshelf model. And we did several different arrangements with photograph each of the styles, which will be a record document and might be easier to show to the class with photos.


And in the afternoon lab we discussed about what should we do for the improvement proposal, and in the end we come up with the some ideas; the first one is to have a “Bio Cup Marketing Campaign” to reduce the coffee cup problems in the Union Street area. And the second major problem according to our research is lack of composting bins in the apartments property, therefore, we decided to solve this problem by build a company called “Com-partment’ which provides composting service allow the recycling of food waste for the residents in pyrmont area. And another waste problem we found in the pyrmont area is those polystyrene boxes in the fish market, however, as we already decided in the very beginning part that we will reuse those polystyrene boxes into a bookshelf, hence, our idea is to create a furniture design business and placed big recycle bins in few spots in the fish market (probably two spots) which allows fish shops or processors to put their waste polystyrene boxes in the bins and those polystyrene boxes will eventually be reused as bookshelves.


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