Waste in the City – Week 11

23 Oct

In week 11’s lab, a lot of discussion happened between my group as well as with the other groups’ member. Our final idea is to use polystyrene boxes upcycling into a bookshelf. It is quite different to decide the colour scheme for those boxes, as it is required to match the colour with others’ project since our shelf is the display model for our lab. Eventually, we came out the idea to use those main solid Lego colours which included the colour of Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Grey, Green and white. (Reference image is shows the research I did before I brought up the Lego colour scheme idea)


Our Polystyrene Boxes Colour Scheme

And after Vanessa consulted with Marie and bring up about our idea for the colour scheme, Marie suggested that it is better not use too many colours which might disturb others’ work, which this point I am also feel agree with. Therefore, in the end we decided use “Red, Blue and yellow” as our final colours and leave the insides of the boxes white which is more flexible for others to match their final models to the white colour without any interruption. Also, darlinghurst group also asked us to add up one more colour, since they mentioned that their final model might be disturb if the boxes are not in white colour (on the outside of boxes’ surface). We accepted their suggestion as well, hence, now there are gonna to be four main colours in the boxes for the shelf (Red. Blue. Yellow& White).

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Within two weeks time and we need to submit our final model also with our improvement proposal, which is pretty intensive for us. For our group, I think we are very clear about what we gonna do for our final model, but we still struggling for make an improvement idea, which I think we should concentrate on this part in the following week. Which the idea might be comes up from the major three problems within our area: 1) Lack of compost bins in residential area (apartment). 2) Waste of polystyrene boxes in fish market area. 3) A lot of disposable paper coffee cups been generated daily in the Union street area.

As our final model will be use polystyrene boxes as our main material, therefore, Marie suggested that it is good to research more information about recycle or reuse of polystyrene and a good example she shows us that there is a polystyrene model that has been reduce down to 2 % (see photo below) which is very good reference for us. That is a project that UTS is currently doing and the end items are selling to China, and it’s become the main materials for producing disposable camera’s equipments.

Polystyrene boxes reduced down into 2%






Lego colour scheme:

Brickset LEGO set guide 2010, viewed 12th October 2010, <http://www.brickset.com/news/article/?ID=532>.


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