Waste in the City – week 10 (TED)

12 Oct


Today’s Lecturer Clara Vuletich, she is a Research Assistant from Textiles

Environment Design (TED) Project at the Chelsea School of Art, London. TED

research group is consisted with designers. Teachers. and researchers,

connecting curriculum developments, live project and research opportunities.

(Since 1994)

In the beginning of lecture Clara says she has never actually works in textile

industry and the most of her knowledge is comes from conceptual research. It’s

makes me even more interested about what she going to give us in her following

lecture. Her presentation is divided into four parts

v    The introduction of TED and their design strategy

v    The rise of craft

v    New technology

v    Movements

Clara mentioned about the TED’s strategies “the Lifecycle thinking”; the idea is

that every stages of lifecycle are involved with environmental impacts, and the

different options at the point of disposal have very different benefits. Which is

what TED doing which not only help themselves but also help designer to clarify

the environmental issues, and educates them aware about sustainable impact

when they designing things. TED’s mission is also helps designer to know where

to begin with, which designers might feel great complexity when they think of

the words “sustainable environment”.

These days, “design” is not just means designing something, but might involved

with many other important elements, which “the slow movement” will be a good

example, this movement was occurred around 1980s, and now the idea is using

everywhere, even in our life style- the way we live and eat. And in my opinion,

What’d TED doing is kind of using slow movement’s idea, but applied the spirit

into the design industry. Which I think is very important for all the designers

from different disciplines to know about the idea. After all, designer is design

thing for people to enjoy the better lives; therefore, the design process and

outcome should be not destructive to either people or nature environment.


Clara says she (TED) is having a workshop in Transition Towns, which is

famous since it is a zero waste town in Brixton, London. In there, they

encouraged people “reuse” stuffs, the workshop they created is teaching kids

how to reuse things such as quilting. Back to our city life, huge amount of waste

people generated daily is because we never think of our behavior could create

great impact to the environment. therefore, when thing broken we throw away,

in that way, gradually we lose our hand skills!………..

How to prove “we lose our hand skills” ??????????

the evidence can be found in our quilting workshop after Clara’s presentation,

which I found is really interested, I think apart from fashion student, the rest of

us do not have much experience to sew things. But, Sewing time is always fun,

it takes time but also is good chance to sit down and chat with people while you

also doing your “work”. After 1 and half hours, we all finished our quilting pieces,

mine is terrible which reminds me of those primary school kid’s works@..@


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