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Waste in the city – week 7 (The Smith Family- Site visit)

14 Sep

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Our week 7’s schedule is visiting the Smith Family Site where is located on

Villawood; takes around 50 minutes train from city to Leightonfield station. We

were visiting the site and viewing their textile recycles process.  The date 14th of

September, the weather was terrible. Windy plus heavy raining, however, the

most of us still made it, traveled a long way to the Smith Family Site.

The staff there is very kind and they were all keen to answer all the questions we

asked. In the beginning section, we all sitting in a room for a small welcome +

introduction lecture which help us to understand what is Smith Family about

and the idea and purpose of their motivation to doing the textile recycling for

such a long period.

The most exciting part for me will be the tour section, we allocated into 6 small

groups and there is a guide for each group, the guide brought us look around

different sections in the firm, our guide his name is Paul, maybe because we are

the last group so he spent longer time (compared with other groups) to explain

in details on each departments. He talks about what each department for, the

staffs’ duty and also talks through some functions of the machines…etc.

The first stop of our tour was the “Textile distribution section”. I found that the

most of the staffs are female (Asian Ladies) who are doing clothes distribution

into different categories. Paul says the most of them works for this firm around

10~15 years. (After train them, they want to keep them) And since this job not

require communication skill (English), therefore, even they cannot speak fluent

English, however, they can still doing well for their duty. Paul also mentioned

about the reason they only use female in this section is because male is not

careful enough when they doing the distribution. When we passed through the

storage area we saw hundred sacks of clothes already been truss up and ready

to be transit into other countries. In this firm all of the cardboard boxes are

reusable; they use the box over and over again until it cannot be loaded

anymore. Paul also took us to the heavy work department, with a lot of big and

heavy running machines which produce thick textiles such as carpets, textile


I will never forget this experience it is worthwhile for us to travel such long way

to there. I still remember few weeks ago when Kerryn (the morning lecturer in

week 5) gave us the lecture which made me feel really interested about textile

waste, also after viewing the short documentary film “T-shirt travel”, makes me

feel like to know more about the textile waste problems and also the

recycling industry. So that I think this site visit trip was fascinating which is

related with what we are learning in this lab, which provides some useful

information for our next group design project as well. In addition, it is good to

know about the textile recycle process even just for broaden and enrich our



Visual map + Statement of intent (PYRMONT)

13 Sep

Waste in the city – week 6

7 Sep

Week 6 – afternoon lecture was quite different compared with earlier weeks,

today’s lecturer Mike Day, he is an interior designer, and he came to share

about his experience for visiting the Shanghai Expo in China. Interestingly, a

month ago my friend she also went to Shanghai Expo and after she came back

she sharing a lot of photos and telling some of stories she experiences in China

and what she thinks about this magnificent exhibition with me, too. After

listening both Mike and my friend’s insight from their trip, I found that

depending on the knowledge people have the way they looks at things might be

different from one another.

During Mike’s lecture he shares with us a lot of photos he took in China also

explain what is in the photo and why he took it. Even though I never been to

Shanghai and also do not get any chance to visit this year’s Expo neither, but

through Mike’s photos and stories, I could almost feel the atmosphere of the

time. And as Mike mentioned the most of materials used in this year Shanghai

Expo will be reuse or recycle for the other uses, which is surprising me that how

recent years Chinese government started to realize the importance of maintain a

sustainable environment. Therefore, the Chinese government started

implementing a series of actions to support sustainable development policies

especially in big city like Beijing or Shanghai. For instance: solar system and

electrical vehicles are very common in Beijing city. In addition, in order to save

the power, there are individual power switches inside every apartments in

Beijing, if they need to use hot water they need to turn on the switch before they

use it, it’s sounds not very convenient compared with the system we use in

Sydney, however, it is also save a lot of energy resource for our planet. The most

of country (people) care about our environment; we are using different way to

protect our planet, it is really good to know what others’ advantages, in order to

reflect upon ourself to see if we can do any better than others.

Auto-recharge station for motorbike in Beijing- by insert money into machine

Visual map (Pyrmont) –

After the lecture our group members have stayed to discuss for our final visual

map. This is also the last time of group meeting before the next week due day,

hence, we tried our best to clarify every details with our group mates and make

sure everyone in our group happy with our final decision. Basically our map will

be a visual based map and revealing the main wastes products in the five areas

(streets) within Pyrmont suburb; also showing what the main business type and

if there are any residential property. In the bottom area, we are planning to show

the comparison bar of the wastes proportion and also showing the main people

type within in our research areas. In the following week, I will try to put every

pieces info. together, and hopefully we can present a clear infographic map

which general all of our information together, makes the viewer can easy to

understand our content in the shortest limit of time.

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